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Fenist PuppetsThe Story of Fenist introduces viewers to Fokin and his magical marionettes, who play a main role in his saga. Rich performance footage and insightful interviews with his wife, children, extended family and friends are used to retrace Fokin’s life from his time as a Russian university theater student and at his St. Petersburg studio to his life in New England.

This documentary tells the story of the great Russian puppeteer Igor Fokin who entranced children and adults alike with his memorable performances in Harvard Square – where a stature stands of one of his puppets - from 1994 until his untimely death in 1996. The film includes a parallel story to Fokin’s artistic struggles based on the Russian fairy-tale, Fenist the Bright Falcon, about a magical bird that, overcoming great odds, reaches its star. Two children provide the delightful narration.

Through the eyes of the director, the audience is introduced to the magnetism and charm of Igor Fokin and his puppets. Merging two stories in one, the film brings viewers into the world of beautiful images and metaphors, music and theatre.

Documentary, 47 min., Russian and English (with English subtitles), 2001 new version 2012

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Award-winning documentary and narrative filmmaker with a broad theatre background, Yelena Demikovsky grew up in Russia during the Cold War. After getting her Master's degree at Moscow Theatre Academy, she was offered an Associate Professor position at the same academy where she taught acting and directing.

Yelena moved to America in 1992 and went to Emerson College in Boston, MA where she got her second Master's in Communication, TV and Video production. She made her first documentary on the history of Orthodox Church in America while still in Boston and the film went to distribution.

After moving to New York in 1995 she directed plays in various theatres and then moved on to mostly dedicating herself to film. She directed a few award-winning documentaries and short narratives and has been writing scripts.

Demikovsky has produced two symposia on ballet star Rudolf Nureyev — one in New York (1997), the other in St. Petersburg, Russia (1998). She also contributed interviews and translations to four authors of Nureyev biographies.


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