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Vera. An Intimate Sketch is a profile of Vera Pavlova, a Russian poet who makes her home both in Moscow and New York.

Vera PavlovaConceived and presented in a style of a visual poem, this documentary reveals Vera’s thoughts on love, life, and poetry. Shot in Moscow and New York, the film provides an intimate glimpse into the life of Vera Pavlova, her creative process, and a chance to experience the milieu of her complex, sensual, charming world.

Vera Pavlova's writing explores connections between the body and soul, causing some critics to label her an “erotic poet.” This is a label, however, that Vera refuses to accept. In a January 2010 review of If There is Something to Desire: 100 Poems About Love (Knopf), the reviewer says that the poet “happily disdains lacier romantic moods, giving voice instead to potently distilled emotion, alternately erotic, tender, and maternal.”

Fifteen collections of Pavlova’s poetry have been published prior to this; her verse has been translated into 22 languages. She has read at universities and festivals throughout Russia, Europe, and America, and is appreciated by readers of all ages. Her poems have appeared in The New Yorker, Poetry, and Tin House magazine. Her poem “There is Nothing to Desire...” decorated New York City’s subway cars during the MTA's Poetry in Motion project. It was also seen on Los Angeles buses in 2008, as well as graced a Poetry Society of America bookmark.

Music for the film is written by a well-known Moscow composer, Iraida Yusupova.

Documentary, Russian and English (with English subtitles) 30 min. 2010, new verision 2011.

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Yelena Demikovsky more »

Award-winning documentary and narrative filmmaker with a broad theatre background, Yelena Demikovsky grew up in Russia during the Cold War. After getting her Master's degree at Moscow Theatre Academy, she was offered an Associate Professor position at the same academy where she taught acting and directing.

Yelena moved to America in 1992 and went to Emerson College in Boston, MA where she got her second Master's in Communication, TV and Video production. She made her first documentary on the history of Orthodox Church in America while still in Boston and the film went to distribution.

After moving to New York in 1995 she directed plays in various theatres and then moved on to mostly dedicating herself to film. She directed a few award-winning documentaries and short narratives and has been writing scripts.

Demikovsky has produced two symposia on ballet star Rudolf Nureyev — one in New York (1997), the other in St. Petersburg, Russia (1998). She also contributed interviews and translations to four authors of Nureyev biographies.

Executive Producer

Brian Singh


Fatima Benbrahim more »
Fatima Benbrahim

Born in Morocco, Fatima Benbrahim was editor of Red Palette Pictures shorts Shell and Through The Door as well as the documentaries Happy To Be So and Vera. An Intimate Sketch.

Her experience working for various international television stations — PBS/WNET Thirteen, TV5, France 2, France 3, Al-Jazeera, MBC, Abu Dhabi TV and Morocco’s 2M TV — and renowned film directors has given her universal exposure. She has worked in many formats and editing systems


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