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"First come the sweat and the tears, then comes the glory."
~ Rudolf Nureyev

Then Comes the Glory is a portrait of Rudolf Nureyev — dancer, pop idol and complex human being. A product of The Sixties, he changed the world of dance.

The film is presented through the eyes of a group of Nureyev’s friends and associates gathered in Paris to commemorate the day of his defection to the West. To date, 40 hours of footage including 21 interviews have been shot in America and abroad. Further trips to these countries will be made to complete necessary interviews and location shots.

Production Team


Yelena Demikovsky more »

Award-winning documentary and narrative filmmaker with a broad theatre background, Yelena Demikovsky grew up in Russia during the Cold War. After getting her Master's degree at Moscow Theatre Academy, she was offered an Associate Professor position at the same academy where she taught acting and directing.

Yelena moved to America in 1992 and went to Emerson College in Boston, MA where she got her second Master's in Communication, TV and Video production. She made her first documentary on the history of Orthodox Church in America while still in Boston and the film went to distribution.

After moving to New York in 1995 she directed plays in various theatres and then moved on to mostly dedicating herself to film. She directed a few award-winning documentaries and short narratives and has been writing scripts.

Demikovsky has produced two symposia on ballet star Rudolf Nureyev — one in New York (1997), the other in St. Petersburg, Russia (1998). She also contributed interviews and translations to four authors of Nureyev biographies.

Co-Producer (Australia)

Philippe Charluet more »

Born in France, Philippe Charluet has lived in Australia for the past 25 years. In 1995, he formed his production company, Stella Motion Pictures. Charluet produces and shoots programs ranging from television documentaries to arts series to entertainment specials. He previously was an independent producer and director of photography for diverse projects in Australia and around the world. Recent production credits include Director’s Cut and Grand for the Sydney Dance Company, Wild Swans: Behind the Scenes (winner: Bronze Plaque/Columbus International Film & Video Festival) and Tivoli (ABC-TV). He was DP on Dances of Life (PBS, Gold Eagle Cine Award). Charluet has won several gold awards for his programs on dance (US International Film & Video Festival, Australian Cinematographers Society.) Website

Co-Producer (England)

Nadine Meisner more »

Based in London, Nadine Meisner has traveled extensively to write about dance. For more than 20 years, she has contributed to newspapers and magazines. Meisner was a regular writer on The Times and Sunday Times before moving to The Independent. Since leaving this position two years ago, she has been conducting research for a book about 19th century Russian ballet. Her two special interests — Russia and France — came together in the person of Rudolf Nureyev.


Nancy Sifton more »
Nancy Sifton

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Nancy has worked with Yelena Demikovsky since 1997, assisting with the first Rudolf Nureyev Symposium in New York and in 1998 with the St. Petersburg, Russia symposium.

She served as Project Assistant on The Story Of Fenist, and has provided administrative assistance for numerous projects at Red Palette Pictures. Nancy completed her Certificate in Arts Administration from New York University and has written reviews for several publications and is a regular contributor to