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Sea. Sand. Sun. Two children meet on a beach. The boy is black, the girl white. At eight, life is beautiful and simple. But not for their parents, who had a past liaison. They reignite their relationship, but their reunion inadvertently destroys the children's paradise -- washing it into the sea.

Shell is the first of five short films that will make up the planned feature film Apples and Seeds. Each story will be about children’s formative experiences in which adults play an important role but are often unaware of their influence.

Narrative short, 15 minutes, English, 2009

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Production Team

Shell (beach scene)


Yelena Demikovsky more »

Award-winning documentary and narrative filmmaker with a broad theatre background, Yelena Demikovsky grew up in Russia during the Cold War. After getting her Master's degree at Moscow Theatre Academy, she was offered an Associate Professor position at the same academy where she taught acting and directing.

Yelena moved to America in 1992 and went to Emerson College in Boston, MA where she got her second Master's in Communication, TV and Video production. She made her first documentary on the history of Orthodox Church in America while still in Boston and the film went to distribution.

After moving to New York in 1995 she directed plays in various theatres and then moved on to mostly dedicating herself to film. She directed a few award-winning documentaries and short narratives and has been writing scripts.

Demikovsky has produced two symposia on ballet star Rudolf Nureyev — one in New York (1997), the other in St. Petersburg, Russia (1998). She also contributed interviews and translations to four authors of Nureyev biographies.

executive producer

Brian Singh

Director of Photography

Sergei Rakhomiagui

Production Design

Anabela Zigova


Ron Kalish
Fatima Benbrahim more »
Fatima Benbrahim

Born in Morocco, Fatima Benbrahim was editor of Red Palette Pictures shorts Shell and Through The Door as well as the documentaries Happy To Be So and Vera. An Intimate Sketch.

Her experience working for various international television stations — PBS/WNET Thirteen, TV5, France 2, France 3, Al-Jazeera, MBC, Abu Dhabi TV and Morocco’s 2M TV — and renowned film directors has given her universal exposure. She has worked in many formats and editing systems

Sound Editors

Ron Kalish
John Burns


Victor, Nikita, and Alex Pozdnyakov more »